Police: Accused Kidnapper Faked Pregnancy

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Monroe police say Anquinisha Cummings went into three area hospitals claiming she was having complications from a pregnancy.
Carolyn Edwards, one of those neighbors, says, “Everybody thought she was pregnant and kept waiting for her to have the baby.” 
Neighbors say they believed she was having the baby this weekend. 
Edwards says,”She was supposed to go Friday night for her c-section and then bring her baby girl home.”
According to police, she was never pregnant. They say Cummings went to St. Francis Medical Center and kidnapped a new born baby.
“We were all very shocked, very shocked to find out what happened at St. Francis. It was devastating for everyone here,” says Edwards.
Police say Cummings went into the hospital room of a new mother claiming to drop off a gift.
Detective Chris Bates of the Monroe Police Department says, “They did not know each other, and there never was a mutual friend. That was a ploy to gain by the suspect to gain the trust of the victim.”
When the mother went to the bathroom, police say Cummings walked out with the baby.
“The suspect had even tried to cover her face up as she was leaving the hospital to avoid the cameras,” says Bates.
Police say they used Cummings’ medical records to track her and find the baby, who was safely re-united with family.
Neighbors say they never thought a nightmare like this would hit so close to home.
“I’ve heard of things like that happening, but never here in Monroe, Louisiana, in my home town,” says Edwards.
St. Francis Medical Center issued this statement on the situation: 

On Saturday, April 23, a situation occurred that involved the safety of a patient. In response to that incident, St. Francis Medical Center took immediate action and has been cooperating with law enforcement.


Appropriate security measures were in place at the time of the incident. Additionally, the hospital was locked down immediately following the situation. We have increased our 24/7 security presence in the hospital and are reviewing all aspects of this incident and researching additional national safety/security best practices.


St. Francis Medical Center provides ongoing education and training drills to all team members to ensure the safety of all patients.


St. Francis Medical Center Administration and the entire organization are committed to optimizing security for all patients. We are currently undergoing an extensive review of all policies, procedures, education and training, and security technology. This includes enlisting the assistance and expertise of our physicians and clinicians, medical staff leaders, and board leadership.


We at St. Francis Medical Center believe that the security of each patient is integral to the mission of our hospital. Fortunately the end result of this situation is everyone involved is safe, sound and secure.

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