Parish prepares for Tropical Storm

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If tropical storm cindy comes to the ouachita parish officials are ready to fight back.

“All of our vehicles and equipment that are required for a flood fight ready fueled to go, ” Monroe Public Works Director, Tom Janway said.

However, they need help from people in the parish.

“Make sure that the ditches and the drains are clean,” Ouachita Parish Homeland Security Director, Neal Brown, said.

“Residents can help us keep those storm drains that would go a long ways,” Monroe Public Works Director, Tom Janway said.

Heavy rain needs to flow through these areas without getting blocked.

“A long slow rain as you know runs off a lot better but if it’s a rain that comes down hard and swift and fast we’re going to have flooding in low lying areas,” Brown said.

Debris makes a big difference.

City officials say trash in the yards and streets can shut a pump station down completely.

 That means bad news once the storming starts.

Even if Tropical Storm Cindy doesn’t do damage in Ouachita Parish, Homeland Security is ready to help the neighbors down south.

 It’s  early though and they are still hoping for the best.

“They’re my good friends down there and we’re ready for them but i hope they don’t come,” Brown said.


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