Parents react to gun found on high school campus

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Felicia Mansfield, of Bastrop, heard the words that would send any parent into a panic.

Gun on campus.

Unlike most parents she got the news late.

“I was at work and where I work we can’t answer our cell phones,” Mansfield said.

“I had no idea that the school had called and alerted us that it was a lockdown.”

She  had no idea what happened until it was already over.

Around 12:00pm Bastrop High School sent an alert out that a gun had been found on campus.

It was a gun that apparently belonged to 17-year-old Datavious K. Brooks and that’s something parents say is happening way too often these days.  

“You know it’s bad when you can’t send your kids to school and feel like they’re safe,” Mansfield said.

The school went on lockdown and when the commotion settled, Brooks was arrested.

Police are still unsure on why he brought the gun to school.

Some students told us off camera that he may have been in an altercation at school and off campus.

“Several other communities have had issues  where things have happened like this so I definitely think that it’s bad and needs to be addressed,” Mansfield said.

Now attention turns to school security in the future.

“I was very relieved and I just think maybe they should implement some type of security at the doors.”

Parents believe the situation was handled properly  when the gun made it inside, but now they have to figure out how to make sure they stop them at the door.

Datavious Brooks is currently being held in the Morehouse Parish Jail, charged with illegally carrying a gun on campus.

There is no word yet on what his bond will be.

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