Parents at Olla Elementary finally get a response, but they say it isn’t enough

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They’ve protesed and they’ve demanded information, its been months but parents at Olla Elementary have finally gotten a response.

“It was a very disappointing response, but it was expected,” said parent Kyli Smith.

Monday, school board president Justin Reeves sent a letter outlining that the school board is taking steps to repair some of the damages at the school. It also states that any public records that parents requested and did not receivde, they would make available. 

However, the request for an investigation into the superintendent was denied. 

The letter states that the school board has confidence in their employees and they won’t subject them to unwarranted criticism.

“We gave them a whole list of reasons, explanations, possible laws that were broken, so it’s not unwarranted investigation,” said Smith.

She notes that the bats may be gone, but transparency is still an issue and she says parents want to be kept in the loop.

“There’s lots of things that could have been done different and still can, but no one wants to talk, no one wants to look into it.”

Wednesday an article broke in the town paper. It revealed that Olla Elementary is being assessed and scores have dropped. 

Back in October, Olla was declared to be in a state of emergency, so Smith believes there are valid reasons for the decline.

“Of course things are not where they should be, they just got back in the building when they came back from winter break,” she said.

Smith and other parents believe that all of these issues are connected; they say the superintendent is the one who needs to be held accountable.

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