Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter: in need of supplies for current animals and donations for new shelter

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OUACHITA PARISH, LA (07/31/19)–A New shelter could be breaking ground later this year. Until then, animal control officers hope their “wish list” can help provide for these pets until they find their new forever homes. The Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter is housing more pets now than in the past two years.

During the summer, shelters all over Louisiana see an increase of animals, including here in Ouachita Parish.

“They either bring their animals in before they go on vacation or they bring them in before the holidays,” said Stephani Mullins, Director of Ouachita Parish Animal Control.

Ouachita Parish has taken in more than 4,000 animals this year alone. It’s running out of room, that’s why the shelter is working towards moving. The founder of “S.O.S Pets of Ouachita” says the new facility will have about the same number of kennels, but more space.

“They are doing a great thing, they are raising money to build us a new shelter it’s better quality for the animals, better for the staff who work at the shelter,” said Mullins.

The shelter has raised 1.1 million dollars to go towards an adoption building and a heated kennel building. Another three quarters of a million dollars are needed for an animal intake building.

“And we will still use this shelter as an animal control intake, until we can get the animal control part moved over to the shelter,” said Mullins.

In the meantime, the shelter’s facebook page has a wish list of necessities for the animals it holds now.

“It has everything on it from our disinfiction, that’s called rescue, all the way down to folders, cat food, dog food,” said Mullins.

The shelter also provides vaccinations and has the four-legged friends spayed or neutered. Unfortunately, this takes a toll on the shelter’s budget.

“The way the shelters funded we have very limited funding. So the more items we can get donated, the more funding we can use for other things around the shelter,” said Mullins.

You can help even more by taking home a furry friend at our clear the shelters event, Saturday August 17th at Banner Ford in Monroe. The Ouachita Parish Shelter and many others will be participating.

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