Ouachita Christian School prepares for school year starting with removal of old carpet

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MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — As soon as students step foot onto the Ouachita Christian School campus, they’ll immediately be checked for a temperature at one of four different check in locations.

“If you are a visitor to our school or delivery, you’ll have a temperature check with an automated machine at our front door,” said Jayme Stokes, Assistant Principal at Ouachita Christian School.

Once in the classroom, “Students are going to have portable desk shields in grades one through twelve. They will be delivered in the next few day or two and so the kids will fold them up take them with them in the next class in high school and then return them at the end of the day to their homeroom teacher,” said Stokes.

The younger grades will have permanent desk shields. All the furniture has been taken out of classrooms to allow for the social distancing of desks. The biggest change to prepare for the school year was removing the 30-year-old carpet from the elementary classrooms.

“We ripped out all the carpet and we have laid vinyl plank flooring, everywhere. It’ll be easier to clean, it smells a lot fresher,” said Stokes.

Students will be eating lunch outside unless it’s raining, then they will eat in the classroom. While new guidelines have been set for social distancing, OCS is working hard to keep up cleanliness among students and staff.

“We have about four different cleaning protocols. Of course, teachers will be cleaning daily in their classrooms. We have horse troughs that we have turned into handwashing stations. Of course, we’ll have hand sanitizer available and then we brought in two additional employees at night, just to sanitize,” said Stokes.

OCS is also prepared if a student tests positive for COVID-19, “”So if you’re in Pre-K at a table, those are the four kids you’ll be with for nine days, so if a child tests positive, we just notifiy the other three people at the table. It saves us from having to send an entire classroom home to covid exposure,” said Stokes.

To add to cleaning and COVID-19 exposure cleaning, OCS has partnered up with a local lab to monitor cleanliness.

“What we’re gonna do is, it’s a big word of microbial swabbing and have them certify our cleaning methods and if we had a breakout of COVID after we sanitize–deep sanitize the classroom, they would be able to come in and certify that classroom as COVID free,” said Stokes.

Ouachita Christian School has their first day of school event this Friday on the Pavillion grounds outside to allow for social distancing and allow parents to see their kids with the teachers on the first day.

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