WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — An excessive force lawsuit has been filed in federal court against several Ouachita Parish law enforcement agencies.

The lawsuit names Aaron Bowman as the Plaintiff and names the following agencies and people as the defendants:

  • Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Sheriff Jay Russell
  • Metro Narcotics Unit
  • Monroe Police Department
  • Louisiana State Police Department
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe Police Department
  • City of Monroe
  • Deputy Donovan Ginn

Bowman is being represented by Donecia Banks-Miley with the Pleasant, Williams & Banks-Miley Law Group.

Within the lawsuit, the Monroe Police Department and the City of Monroe are collectively referred to as “the Monroe Defendants”. The ULM Police Department is referred to as “the Board”, and the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Jay Russell, and Deputy Donovan Ginn are collectively referred to as “the Ouachita Defendants”.

According to the lawsuit, Bowman asserts that the Defendants are liable for the injuries and damages he sustained due to the following:

  • the excessive use of force used against Bowman
  • failure to employ alternative modes of de-escalating the situation
  • failure to act reasonably as a prudent police officer
  • violation of applicable law enforcement standards
  • failure to ensure the safety of other citizens in the area
  • the acts and/or omissions which may be fully show at trial

Bowman in the lawsuit alleges that he noticed a white truck that appeared to be the police behind him while on his way home to on May 30, 2019. He states that he continued home since he lived only a few streets over, but once at home claims that the deputies/officers pulled into his driveway behind him. Bowman says that Deputy Ginn and other officers then began asking him questions

As the officers questioned Bowman, he alleges that one of the officers opened his car door and started questioning if he had any drugs or weapons on him. Bowman states that he had none. Following that questioning, Bowman alleges that the officers began pulling him out of the vehicle as more officers arrived to the scene. Bowman asserts that he was dragged to the ground, face down and officers began to hit and kick him. Bowman states that he at no point in time resisted while the officers continued to beat him. His girlfriend at the time also states that Bowman did not resist while being beat by the officers.

Bowman, who is a dialysis patient, received multiple injuries from the incident. The lawsuit states that his injuries included a cut to the top of the head, a fractured arm, and broken ribs among other injuries. Bowman also states in the lawsuit that he does not recall an exact number of the officers/deputies that were involved in the beating.

Video footage of the incident was captured by Bowman’s home security camera. According to the lawsuit, the footage shows an officer swinging downwards and punching Bowman repeatedly. The lawsuit alleges that an officer can also be heard during the video telling witnesses, Bowman’s girlfriend and her daughter, to go back inside their home.

According to the lawsuit, Bowman was not arrested immediately following the incident but rather 3-4 days later after Deputy Ginn obtained an arrest warrant.

Bowman alleges that the actions of the officers was unreasonable, unnecessary, violated police protocol and procedure, excessive force, negligent, an exercise of bad judgement, and violated Bowman’s 4th and 14th Amendments and certain Louisiana Constitutional Rights.

An offense report from the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, written by Deputy Ginn and detailing what happened the night of the incident, is also included in the lawsuit.

According to that report, Deputy Ginn saw a white Lincoln MKX driving north on Marx Street when it crossed the center line with both front and rear driver side tires. Deputy Ginn writes that he activated his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop at the Marx Street and Winnsboro Road intersection.

Dy. Ginn continues saying that the Lincoln continued driving, while increasing speed, across Winnsboro Road and onto South 3rd Street. The vehicle continued until it pulled into a home in the 1500 block of South 3rd Street.

Dy. Ginn states at that point he made contact with Bowman and told him to exit the vehicle. Bowman allegedly refused and began stating that he did nothing wrong. Dy. Ginn then writes that after a second time telling Bowman to exit, Bowman complied. As Dy. Ginn tried to put Bowman in handcuffs, he states that Bowman “pulled away in a violent manner in an attempt to evade arrest” before climbing back into the vehicle and over to the passenger side.

Dy. Ginn writes that he then “removed (Bowman) from the vehicle and a brief struggle ensued”. Dy. Ginn states that Bowman began swinging his arms and screaming that he did nothing wrong. Dy. Ginn alleges that Bowman struck him on top of the head with a closed fist and continually put his arms under his body, refusing to give Dy. Ginn his wrist. The report states that Bowman was eventually put in handcuffs following a brief struggle.

The report alleges that Bowman saw the deputies lights and heard his sirens, but was scared to pull over. Bowman allegedly just wanted to park his car at his home in case he went to jail.

Due to the laceration on top of Bowman’s head, he was taken by EMS to St. Francis Hospital for treatment.

Dy. Ginn states in the report that the owner of the vehicle, Bowman’s girlfriend at the time, granted him consent to search the vehicle which turned up nothing.

Since Bowman was not arrested at the scene, an arrest warrant was requested and later granted on June 3, 2019.

According to the Ouachita Correctional Center’s booking website, Bowman was later arrested on July 15, 2019 on the warrant charges.

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