Opening a business during a pandemic; How one businesswoman is working through the challenges

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FARMERVILLE, La (07/29/20) — Kelly Walton has had a dream of owning her own yoga, brows, and tanning studio, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s not letting the virus get in her way.

“It is kind of nerve-wracking knowing that I’m opening up a business and I’m not sure what my future is gonna be, but at the same time you just do what you wanna do,” said Kelly Walton, Owner of Brows, Zen, and Bronzed.

Walton says a lot of people have said she’s crazy for opening a business right now, but she tells KTVE, “You have to have self motivation…that’s it. You have to believe in yourself and you have to have a passion and love for what you do. People get up every day and go to work and they hate what they do. I have the luxury of getting up and going to work and loving what I do.”

Walton says working towards her passion is a lot of work. Her husband works in Texas, so she hasn’t had a lot of help to get the studio ready for opening day.

“It’s a one-woman band. I’ll come back this week and next and get the top part done, get the baseboards done, get the bathroom done, get the kitchen done. I’m down to finalizing two tanning beds, I’ve ordered all my props, they’re in, I’ll have to move everything up here. I will teach every class starting out, I will be up here at 7:30 and go home at 7:30,” said Walton.

While Walton says she’s excited to open the studio, she says there’s some concern about future COVID-19 restrictions.

“Everything I’m doing, if they shut us back down…I’m out. There’s nothing that I could do with this space if they shut us back down,” said Walton.

Walton says if Louisiana does go back to phase one for any reason, she will teach Zoom and Facebook live yoga classes. For now, she will be following the current guidelines in place when she opens her studio on August 4th.

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