(4/24/18) — Carleigh Roberts is a pharmacy student at ULM. She says the reason she is in pharmacy school is because of opioids and a friend who got hooked. 

“I wear this necklace in honor of my friend. His name is Devin Harper. He was addicted to Adderall for about five years which is a stimulant drug,” says Roberts.

Devin got a hold of the adderall from a friend’s parent who received the prescription for their own children. 60 to 70% of teens get their drugs from medicine cabinets at their home or a friends.

“After about five years of being addicted, he was kinda thrown into a drug induced depression and he though he wasn’t worth it..and he committed suicide,” says Roberts.

“And so that’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m passionate about this. That’s why I come and do these presentations so that these parents can take the information I give them and maybe preventing this from happening to their child. Because I don’t want anyone to have to go through the pain that I went through,” says Roberts.

How can we stop this? Start by having a conversation with your kids.

“Just talk about it. So talking to them about prescription drugs and the fact that even though they’re prescription drugs they can be just as dangerous as other ilicit drugs you hear about on the street,” says Mary Barrios.

The Children’s Coalition partners with ULM’s pharmacy school to bring classes and seminars to the community to help decrease opioid addiction.

It’s been over a year since Carleigh has lost her friend, but she works hard everyday to help educate others like with National Drug Take-Back Day. 



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