OLLA, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Olla Police Department has received several reports of scammers calling and emailing residents to request money via gift cards, wire transfers, and money orders. Officers would like to inform residents not to send money to these scammers. 

The scammers have been posing as the IRS, Border Patrol, Department of Justice, and local law enforcement, claiming they need to be paid or they will show up to arrest you. The scammers will also claim you need to pay the taxes on a large amount of money you have won, and they will deliver the winnings to you. 

Olla Police would like to remind everyone that local law enforcement will not call you and say we will show up unless you pay this money. If you know anyone who could fall for these scams, please contact them and make sure they know about this information.

If you send money to these phone scammers, it might not be possible to get it back, even with the help of the Alexandria FBI office. Scammers have moved to using gift cards because they are untraceable. 

If you are worried that something you get in the mail or through email is a scam, you are urged to contact law enforcement.