Oak Grove mayor releases statement on alcohol sales being on the ballot

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(7/26/18) Oak Grove Mayor Adam Holland released the following statement on the petition to place the sale of alcohol on the ballot in the Town of Oak Grove.

“I will confirm that a petition has been filed at the West Carroll Parish Register of Voters office to call an election to allow the sale of alcohol in the Town of Oak Grove by Texas Petition Strategies that represents Wal Mart Inc. in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 25:584.

The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees American’s the right to petition their government; this group is exercising this right and there is nothing legally the town can do to prohibit them from exercising their constitutional right.

In no way is my office, the Town Council or the Town of Oak Grove involved in this process, nor does it endorse the proposals being made.

I am very aware of the strong emotional and ideological views on both sides of the issue and will not get involved on either side.

If 25% of registered voters in the Town of Oak Grove sign the petition the Secretary of State will call for an election. At that point a final decision will be made by the citizens of the Town of Oak Grove.

I ask everyone to please be considerate of everyone’s views on this topic even if they are contrary to your own.”

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