Oak Grove family celebrates adoption finalization after judge waives in-person appearance due to COVID-19

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OAK GROVE, La (05/26/20) — COVID-19 has brought changes to weddings, funerals, and births, but it also changed adoptions. The Hollis’ had been married about six months before their adoption journey would soon begin.

“And we decided that we wanted to start fostering and they just so happened to be our first placement,” said Misty Hollis, Parent of adopted kids.

Five-year-old Brennen, four-year-old Mason, and two-year-old Kinley were with the Hollis’ for about a year before the adoption became final. However, despite the excitement of adopting their kids, their concerns grew about going to see the judge at the courthouse in the middle of a pandemic when most businesses were closed or events were put on hold.

“Well we were extremely excited. When all this took place, we were worried it would prolong the adoption. But then he decided to waive the appearance and just sign everything and mail it to us,” said Hollis.

Hollis says she loves being a mom to Brennen, Mason, and Kinley and even though there’s some challenges, she’s proud to be their mother.

“They can’t decide if we wanna be Misty or Mom. That’s still a work in progress, but it’s just been really exciting,” said Hollis.

The Hollis family, now a party of six, says they love the foster and adoption system, but probably won’t be adding to the family any time soon.

“I think this is gonna be it for us haha, they’re all three a handful,” said Hollis.

Misty Hollis says if anyone is fostering kids and is thinking about adoption, wait it out and see how it feels, then if it seems like the right fit, continue with the process.

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