No Gym, No Problem: Local fitness experts talk health amid Covid-19

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MONROE, La. (03/16/2020) — As the country looks to limit the spread of Covid-19, Anytime Fitness welcomed its members hoping to uplift spirits during this trying time.

“We are an immune-boosting business so coming to the gym is healthy for you as long as we’re taking the proper precautions,” said owner Aimee Hayward.

However, when Tuesday at midnight rolls around…

“We’re closing casinos, bars, movie theaters, gyms, and fitness centers.”

Governor John Bel Edwards

Just because you won’t be able to step foot in your local fitness center, doesn’t mean you have to lose your gains though according to one local personal trainer.

“Some people will say I don’t have weights at home or I don’t have a treadmill at home, well you can run in place. Or you can actually pick up canned goods squeeze them and curl them,” said Thaddeus Pugh.

Pugh says picking up bad eating habits is not a good idea and nutrition is going to be key.

“While we’re doing exercises at home, certain food will cause you to be unhealthy,” he said.

Plus, like Hayward says, working out is good for the soul.

“Being that the coronavirus has everybody stressed out, eating better and exercising causes us to relieve stress.”

Thaddeus Pugh, Personal Trainer

Unfortunately, for small businesses though, these closures will be causing them to take a blow.

“I need to stay open for my members and for my employees.”

Aimee Hayward, Owner of Anytime Fitness in Ouachita Parish

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