New vaping hazards: LA Dept. of Health issues safety warning

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MONROE, La (9/5/19) — As of Friday, 450 possible cases of severe side effects linked with e-cigarettes have been reported in 33 states across the US.

Here in Louisiana, nine of those cases were reported in the last 2 weeks. Vaping can be anything from an electronic cigarette that looks like a pen or a cigar to something that looks like a USB drive.

“It’s very small. It’s very easily hidden. If you don’t want someone to know you have it and it packs a really powerful punch of nicotine. One Juul pod contains the same amount of nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes, “said Rebecca Mixon, the Manager of the Tobacco Cessation Program in Monroe.

So far, the Center for Disease Control has reported three known cases of death from vaping and another death is under investigation.

Parents should encourage their kids to say no to these products as it could save their life in the end. Side effects from vaping differ from person to person, but all forms of vaping could put your health in danger.

“Somebody might have side effects after smoking a vape one time, there might be somebody who could vape for the rest of their lives and never have a single side effect and so just studying it is hard, “said Mixon.

Although studying the side effects can be difficult due to limited research on vaping e-liquid, the department of health says to use these products with extreme caution and consider stopping the use of the product all together.

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