It’s been little more than a month since Morehouse Parish started the new semester down two schools and several employees.

Sharon Rambo, President of the Morehouse Parish Association of Educators indicated that Superintendent Gray is in violation of several policies. 

“She has her opinion but that does not make it policy,” said the superintendent.

Gray denies Rambo’s claims that he  failed to notify employees about the reduction in force. Rambo also claimed that Morehouse Parish Schools are not up to code. Gray responded that all schools have been cleared by the health department  

Rambo has additional concerns, she alleged that the superintendent mismanaged funds over the summer of 2018.

“He had no business spending any money and he knew that we were having a financial problem,” said Rambo.

However, Gray stated that he and the board don’t learn about deficits until October 1st.

Rambo challenged the superintendent again, alleging that a disabled teacher who was laid off, suffered from discrimination

“I really feel that I was let go, in my heart of hearts, that I was let go due to my disability.I feel like I’m not being given the chance to do what I love,” said a disabled teacher Rambo mentioned.

Gray responded to this claim, stating that the cuts were not personal. 

“There is positions from central office that we deleted all the way down to teachers in classroom, it was system wide,” he said. 

All parties agree that they want change.

“I would like to see the school system go back to the system that I knew,” said the teacher.

“I think we’re going to be resilient, I think we’re going to get past this and I am really looking forward to next year. Some things we’re going to be able to do differently. I think the community will come around,” Gray said.

In effort to try and retain students, the board is expanding Morehouse Magnet one grade for the next four years. This would make the K-8 school K-12 at the conclusion of four years.