MONROE, La (07/18/19)– Downtown Monroe is getting a new post office after the original one closed in 2015. This announcement left many wondering if the area would ever get a new one.

City Councilman for District 1 and Downtown Developer, Michael Echols, says this location will offer more than just individual use, but also commercial business.

“It’s real easy to get to, they have great parking around it, they got a big parking lot next to it, so I would assume they would be pretty successful down here. It will also be a great asset for those that want to come down and mail a package,” said Echols.

Outside of being convenient to surrounding businesses and residents, the city hopes it will bring more to the table.

“I’m real optimistic that you will see some new businesses pop up because they have this service,” said Echols.

These businesses will have a place to take their parcels… just down the street. Over the past years, it’s been a mission to develop Downtown Monroe. Making it an area where Monroe residents want to be.

“You’re getting the services when you have the doctor’s offices, the lawyer offices, the post office, and then, of course, all the other services with food and beverages and entertainment,” said Echols.

Michael Echols, City Councilman for District 1 and Downtown Developer

Echols also says adding this post office aligns with some of the strategies they have to create more retail and other commerce in downtown.

“I think we’re starting to build a bigger and better little community in downtown, this is just another step towards a great thing,” said Echols.

The new post office will be located at the corner of Desiard and 3rd Street. We’ve reached out to the USPS Communications Department who says the architects don’t have a set date for the grand opening.