New medicine practice at Carroll Magnet

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Now on the campus of Carroll Magnet Junior and Senior High, students now have two medical options in which they can get checkups through Primary Health Services and they can start learning in the medical field. 

“They’re bringing in psychological evaluation, dental, things of that nature. It’s going to be really, really important because if a kid doesn’t have good health, they can’t function in class.”

Classes are what parents say they don’t want their kids to miss. School leaders also say that not missing school time, or as little as possible, is vital to educational success for any student. For those students enrolled in the medical track, they work to secure their future in the field.

“We have about 80 students in the Medical Magnet program.”

“They could work for medical response, nurse assistance, all these hospitals.”

But one thing doctors say separates them from most school healthcare, is they provide mental health services in addition to routine physical screenings.

“Every patient, every child, will have two screenings a year.”

“You would be shocked at the Post Traumatic Distress Disorder that we deal with in our community.”

One counselor at Carroll says she plans to tackle all issues that could be a hazard to any student.

“We assist children in learning coping skills for things like stress, depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, anger management…”

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