New mayor new policies, West Monroe’s new motto ‘Clean and green’

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Kim Stuckey has spent almost twenty years living in West Monroe.

“It’s convenient to everything the utilities I have found are so much cheaper”, says Stuckey.

And with Mayor Staci Albritton Mitchell in office many say it’s should be even more convenient. 

“It is an effort to make West Monroe cleaner and greener”, says Mayor Mitchell.

The mayor is referring to the new recycling facility opening next week. Residents say they’re ready to put it to good use.

“I’ve already loaded up some things to take”, says Stuckey.

Roadside trash pick up is next.  The mayor says officials believe its necessary to keep the city clean.

“The number one thing that we could do to make West Monroe cleaner and be aesthetically pleasing was to get the roadside trash under control”, says Mayor Mitchell.

She says for a minimal fee you can call the city and schedule a pickup.

“It’s a time saver you know families are busy everyone’s working”, says Stuckey.

Residents can expect to get instructions in the mail detailing everything that qualifies for roadside pickup and how much it’ll cost.

One thing residents aren’t excited about is brown water. The fire department is flushing hydrants and darker water is a result.

“That sediment scale corrosion that was already in the system we’re actually getting it out”, says Charlie Simmons, chief of fire prevention for West Monroe’s Fire Department.

Simmons says the discolored water shouldn’t last more than a day.

“While it’s an inconvenience, the system when we complete the test is actually cleaner”, says Simmons.

Kim Stuckey says she hasn’t had to deal with brown water but she’s looking forward to West Monroe’s growing future.

“We’re really excited about seeing you know what comes of all of this”, says Stuckey.

Simmons says West Monroe’s brown water issue should be resolved by next Saturday, September 8th.

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