New El Dorado mayor hopes to bring community together

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(01/16/19) She wanted to make a difference and now she’s the mayor of her hometown. Mayor Veronica Smith Creer is the first African American and first woman to be elected mayor in El Dorado.

“Beyond all of that, being first, I just want do an amazing job,” Mayor Smith-Creer said. “So, I want that to be the part that really goes down in history. That I came in as the first and did an amazing job at it.”

Besides the history she’s made and wants to make, Mayor Smith-Creer hopes to make City Hall more welcoming. She wants students especially to know the story behind the brick and mortar.

“It’s a historic building. At one time the jail used to be upstairs,” said the mayor.

The city has a lot of positives and is moving in the right direction but there’s still plenty of work to be done. She wants to ensure that students and young adults that leave El Dorado have a place to come back to.

“One of the things we’ve looked at is our workforce,” she said. “Making sure that the jobs that are here, we can keep here.”

She’s also proud of the award-winning downtown area and the opporunties it has to grow. The biggest part of her platform is making sure all communities are well taken care of.

“We really want to make sure the residents know the procedures to getting things done and that we step it up as far as the city as a whole is concerned to make sure that those underserved communities are award winning too,” Mayor Smith-Creer said.

She wants to do that by implementing town hall meetings in each of the four wards in the town. 

Besides the changes she wants to make in the city, she wants to make changes in her office. The walls will be getting a paint job soon. The color? Her favorite, which is yellow.

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