New changes & jobs are coming to what was known as the International Paper Mill in Bastrop

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(2/7/18) —  What used to be the heart and soul of bastrop brought a lot of heartache when the international paper mill closed its doors and shut down for good in 2010. 

Now, investors are hoping to breath new life in that property that for so many years was the economic backbone of morehouse and surrounding areas. The new plan will attract several new businesses to the area.

“One of the things about rural areas is that I see a lot of value here but things are only valuable if you can market. So what the rail gives us is the ability to get things to a market,” says Kay King.

King, president of the Morehouse Economic Development Corporation, is excited about the recent purchases from local investors.

She says the new businesses will help diversify Bastrop’s job market something that could strenghthen the workforce.

“So I think the addition of having some — being able to subsidize — the opportunity to subdivide this area is going to help us attract us to a more diversified base economy,” says Kay King.

While most of this is still in the planning period, Simmons Sporting Goods has already purchased 15 acres of land.

The biggest selling point? Direct access to railway which would be huge to help export goods.

“We still have this perception that morehouse parish is not doing well. We’ve had these multimillion dollar wood mills in the northern part of the parish that is continuing to expand,” says Kay King.

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