WEST MONROE, La. — (4/5/19) Success is pointing West and West Monroe has a ton of new businesses to prove it. Small cakes are one of four that have popped up within the last month. And owner Anna Robinson said she’s excited to be here.

“We’re just excited about the opportunity to come over to West Monroe. West Monroe is growing, it’s booming and we wanted to be a part of that. The mayor all the way down has been super hospitable and welcoming and gracious,” said Robbinson. 

The brand is bringing more than just cupcakes to the city and new jobs are sprinkling too.

” We hired fifteen new positions here at the small cakes West Monroe location. Three of those being full time. We’ve hired high school students and college students,” said Robbinson. 

Along with Small Cakes, Daily Press is a new coffee shop and gas stop, adding to the list of new opportunities. Zoe Thompson is a student who said the new coffee shop gave her the perfect job while in school.
“I got here and I just loved it ever since. And I come here about 20 hours a week after school,” said Thompson.
West Monroe and West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce president Lila Strode said it’s community energy and new leadership helping to cultivate the city.
” I think it’s the excitement and the energy of a new mayor. I think the mayor has shown us that she’s got so many plans and so many things that she’s ready to do and develop for West Monroe I think it’s just energy and everybody can feel and it’s exciting, ” said Strode.