Neglected Neighborhoods: Ouachita Parish resident wonders what’s being done about their backwater problem

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OUACHITA PARISH, La. (02/21/2020) — The water from Youngs Bayou and Bayou Lafourche has backed up neighborhoods off of Highway 15 more since the March 2016 floods. Currently, to get down many roads you can either walk, use a boat or drive a 4-wheeler.

“We constantly have problems with the backwater. Last year we flooded six times within six months,” says Ouachita Parish resident Aimee Gwin.

Gwin has lived off of Sonny Road in Monroe for 8 years and she says things haven’t gotten as bad as March 2016 but when the water backs up, they get stuck!

“It’s no one to blame in this situation, we all know we’re in a flood zone. We know it’s going to flood. The problem is everybody’s concerned out here.”

Aimee Gwin, Ouachita Parish Resident

That’s why she wants to know why this is happening and what is being done to fix it. Police Juror Lonnie Hudson says they are aware of the situation, but right now there isn’t much they can do.

“There’s too much we can’t do right now until the water recedes and then we’ll assess the situation and we’ll go from there,” he said.

Meantime residents have to make it work until the water recedes, which at its worst can take up to two months. For Gwin, that’s too much time to have their lives on hold because she has two young children, one of which needs special care.

“He is non-verbal autistic. He’s three-years-old, he gets in-home and out home therapy,” she said.

Hudson is asking residents to be patient and to clean their ditches because if not it can also cause the water to back up. He also wants to ensure that people make safety a priority.

“If you see high waters leave the area. If you see barricaded roads please do not go around, please do not go around those barricades.”

Lonnie Hudson, Police Juror District F

Husdon says the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Public Works is on standby if and when they need to step in and take action.

Once the water goes down NBC10/FOX14 will check in on the progress of a more permanent solution

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