Starting on January 1, 2017, Vicksburg National Military Park will increase entrance fees for visitors in order to fund important maintenance and improvement projects within the park. Annual Pass Vehicle Pass Per Person Motorcycle Current Cost $25 $12 $5 $7 Proposed Cost $30 $15 $5 $7 The park has only modified the annual pass and vehicle prices.

Entrance fees have supported a wide range of projects that improved the park and visitor experience, including the solar lighting in the visitor center parking lot and the exhibits and the video program in the park Visitor Center.

Revenue from this fee increase will support deferred maintenance needs such as improving the restrooms, replacing worn out exhibit panels, and repairing and painting cannon carriages.

There is still time to purchase an annual pass at the 2016 rate. A pass purchased this month will be valid until December 31, 2017.

“The Annual Park Pass is a tremendous value” Superintendent Bill Justice said. “If you buy one this month you can enter the park as many times as you want for all of 2017 for only 50 cents a week. You can’t find a gym membership or entertainment for that price.

It’s an outstanding deal. For more information on park news, events and programs you can follow us on Facebook at or visit the Vicksburg National Military Park website at