Sam Crawford is a self proclaimed grillmaster.
He has been mixing it up in the kitchen since he was six, but he said he’s had a few small fires himself. 

“I panicked, but I learned from that. That’s going to be anybody during the burst of flames,” said Crawford.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, gas grills cause 7,900 house fires each year. 
Charcoal or other grills are involved in at least 1,300. 
But, that doesn’t mean grilling has to be dangerous.

When the weather gets warmer nothing smells better than food on the grill, but there are a few tips you need to know first.

“Before anything have a safe area around the grill that children or pets stay at least three feet away from the grill and another thing to keep in mind is never leave the grill unattended,” said Ouachita Parish Fire Department investigator Dusty Harris.

When dealing with charcoal or propane it’s important to know these rules. 

“If you are using charcoal before you throw out those ashes make sure they are completely burned through. That way you can prevent brush, grass or structure fires.” said Antonio Smith, Monroe Fire Department Pubic Information Officer. 

And remember to check your gas grills for leaks. 

“When you are using your gas grills you want to make sure your connections are good and that you have no leaking fuel anywhere,” said Smith.

Also cleanliness is very important too. 

“Keep in mind that we need to keep our grills clean when we start using them with greases and other potential combustibles that accumulate on the grill,” said Harris. 

In addition to special sauces, some grillers have mastered the art of safety.
“I keep a little water, cloth and also glove protection,” said Crawford.