Muddy road causing major problem in Jonesboro neighborhood

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A muddy road is causing major problems for some Jonesboro residents who tell us the rain earlier this week was crippling for people. Some Jonesboro residents say they are fed up with road conditions on Thrasher Drive, but the mayor blames the weather and a contracting delay for the muddy conditions. Jonesboro residents say it all started three weeks ago when the contractor started fixing Thrasher Drive. The crews allegedly tore up the gravel then disappeared, leaving a mess for people to drive onto to get to the nursing home.  Now, neighbors are helping neighbors out of the mud has become a common sight.

“Today I was running down there to visit my grandmother and this lady and her kids, they were stuck in a rut over there so I got out and had to help get her vehicle out,” said resident Jody Harper.

Mayor James Bradford says the result will be a much-improved road. Contractors face either a 45-day timeline to complete the project or a fine of $200.00 a day.

“I understand people being concerned about the mud, but the road is passable.  Although it is not what I would like it to be, but I have no choice. The only way I could prevent that would be if I could control God and I cannot,” said Mayor Bradford.

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