WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – For the first time here in West Monroe, the Moto Xtreme Circus is expecting to make history in the air with motorcycles rocketing up to 45 feet high. 

Although last year the Moto Xtreme Circus operated with a few simple ride shows across the state to make ends meet, this year, show producer Johnathan Dominguez says the moto xtreme circus will run better than ever. 

“When you say circus, people are expecting animals or clowns, but this is not a circus. this is our circus, you know, our new generation of circus because we have action sports, we have a lot of cool stuff in here for all ages.” Says Dominguez. 

Right now, the set up is only a quarter of what people will see on this ‘xtreme’  show. 

“So what they’re gonna see is guys jumping 45 feet in the air doing backflips and with motorcycles. we’re gonna have a guest star, willi king, 

He’s a world record holder, as a slow Willis on the motorcycle. So, BMX freestyle.” He says.

 Dominguez has worked this family business all over the world. and he is 5th generation as a globe of death rider.

“What you guys see there is a full ball of steel. motorcycles go in there as people see it in “game of talents”and they’re gonna be here performing in West Monroe.” He says.

Dominguez says he’s expecting to have over a thousand people for both shows. Tickets are still available at motorxtremecircus.com, and you can always purchase tickets up to one hour before the shows.