Mother’s Day murder suspect brought back to Monroe from Oregon

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The loss of a mother, still painful for a son.    

(David collins, son of deborah collins)
“I lost my mama,” David Collins said. 

Monroe Police believe they’ve captured the one responsible for the death of Deborah Collins, Florica Green and 17-year-old Darvis Jones.

“Now we will get some answers,” Collins said.

“We were thrilled, Brenda Parson said.

“It’s finally about to be some closure.”

It’s now been a year since two innocent mothers were killed on Mother’s Day.

Deborah Collins a mother and grandmother and 36-year-old Florica Green were caught in the crossfire.

Now their families hope to finally find out what happened.  

Deaundrey Cole is facing 2nd degree murder charges after being caught in Portland, Oregon with a different identity.
However, two of the Collins and Green families’ say they believe the shootings were premeditated.

“When the situation happened you knew what you were coming to do,” Collins said about Cole.

“If he planned to do this and came back a second time that was premeditated  he had enough time to think about what he was doing,” Parson said.

Yvonne Collins says she was inside the house when  bullets were spraying through her mother’s house and her mother wasn’t hit until the second round of shots.

“I feel like the District Attorney  should give him five more counts of attempted murder because me and my four kids were in there,” Yvonne Collins said.

“Where the bullets were [shot] my two boys were standing right there bullet holes right over there heads you could’ve killed my mama and one of my kids.”

The families say they’ve heard and believe Cole didn’t act alone.

“I know it wasn’t just you shooting I know it wasn’t it was two different gunshots,” Collins said.

“It was more people involved in that, it had to be,” David Collins said.

Now that Cole is back in town, they want the answers they couldn’t get before.

“I’m not understanding why did you shoot at my house?” David Collins asked.

“We didn’t  have nothing to do with that you destroyed our family sir and I don’t understand I just want to ask you so bad why?” Yvonne Collins said.

“Closure for the Greens, for the Collins for the Jones’s and the he say she say will finally be cut out,” Parson said.

“We want the truth, and that’s all we want,” David Collins said.

Deaundrey Cole now faces three counts of second degree murder. There’s been now word yet if there are any other suspects in this case.

KTVE/KARD will continue to follow this investigation as more details become available.

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