A mother has been formally charged after her 2 year-old daughter was found dead in a washing machine in October 2015, officials said.

Neighbor Bobbie Holmes is nearly in tears as she thinks about what happened next door.

“It hurt my heart to know a little child died like that,” said Holmes. “I couldn’t imagine what pain she went through.”

According to police, the child’s 7 year-old sister told investigators their mother Brooke Haney allowed the girls to wash clothes and to climb into the washer machine to get the laundry out.

“If I would have known that, I could have done something,” said Holmes. “I would have did the clothes for them, you know.”

A probable cause affidavit just filed reveals Haney took some medicine that day and dozed off with her toddler in the room with her.

“Unacceptable for a mom,” said Holmes.

Investigators said the toddler was found unconscious in the washing machine. They determined the young girl climbed inside the washer — which had a preset to start when the lid closed — and the top came down on her. The affidavit said she had ‘scalding and thermal injuries.’

“It’s a thing that happened,” said Holmes. “I hate it.”

Haney has been charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

“Depressed,” said Holmes.

Holmes said Haney has never been the same and never talked about her daughter.

“I pray for them. That’s as about as much as I can do,” said Holmes.

Haney has since moved to a different home in the town of Hampton. Court Clerks said Haney’s 7-year-old daughter and an infant son are in DHS custody — and is expecting a baby next month.

No date has been set for when she will appear in court again.