3-14-19-A family of eight is lucky to be alive after walking away from their burning home with only the clothes on their backs. The Louisiana State Fire Marshals Office says the Urania fire department responded to the call Sunday night.When the fire started seven people were inside the home including four children. An elderly man battling cancer and  his 6-year-old grandson were trapped in the back of the house.Fortunately both were able to get out. The 6-year-old was airlifted to Shreveport for second degree burns. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Friends and neighbors in the urania community have stepped up to help out.

Governor Edwards proposal to bring pay raises to our teachers receives a  the thumbs up from the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Wednesday. Bese unanimously approved the proposal to increase teacher’s pay and invest additional money into k through 12 education.
Gov. Edwards plan would give teachers a one-thousand dollar raise this year and would give school support personnel a five-hundred dollar raise.