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11/13/18-    A six hour standoff ends with the man accused of killing a Shreveport couple and setting       their car on fire in custody.34-year-old Dewayne Watkins is being held on a million dollars bond, for two counts of second-degree murder. Officers say a police dog captured him after he jumped out of a window.  Investigators believe he killed 43-year-old Kelly Jose and 33-year-old Heather Jose after they  Gave him a ride.Their small sedan was found burning on Penwick street near a vacant home last Thursday.

    A convicted sex offender faces new charges after an incident at Saint Francis medical center.
    Police used surveillance video to identify 52-year-old Walter Allen Dubose as the man who went      into a women’s restroom at Saint Francis last Friday.A woman told police she saw him staring at her while she was inside one of the stalls. Before trying to get into the stall, and cover her face with a rag.
She hit him several times with the stall door before he fled. Officers arrested him in the 100 block of north 20-th street.He’s being held on 25-thousand dollars bond.

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