More Bills to Change Medical Marijuana Amendment

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The list of bills making big changes to the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment that was approved by voters in November continues to grow.

“The citizens want medical marijuana,” said St. Rep. Robin Lundstrum, R-Elm Springs. “If that’s what they want, that’s great. But this is not a back-door pot smoking bill.”

Three of the latest bills were filed by Lundstrum.

One would allow elected officials in cities and counties to block marijuana businesses.

The others ban cannabis laced foods and drinks in some cases and prevent smoking of the drug.

“This takes away smoking, but it leaves all the other options available,” she said. Among those options are nasal spray, patches, creams and oils, Lundstrum said.

Bills filed by other legislators indefinitely suspend the medical marijuana program and stop dispensaries from growing cannabis.

“They belong to what I would consider the way-right of the Republican party,” said David Couch, who led the push to legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas.

He says the proposals go against the will of voters and could lead to repercussions come the next election.

“I think this would be a pretty good reason not to support someone,” Couch said.

The lawmakers say they want to protect Arkansans who could be harmed if the program is abused. Couch says their arguments were hashed out before the election and voters sided with him.

Because of provisions outlined in the amendment, it takes two-thirds vote of the legislature to make changes.


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