Monster Moto plans to layoff 30 assembly line employees in May

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Ruston will no longer be using on location assembly line workers. Several employees say the layoffs came as a complete shock.

When Allen McVay started his job at Monster Moto, he saw it as a way to grow with the company. Receiving the news he’d soon be laid off was a total shock. 

“Whenever they came in and told us, we all looked at each other like… really? We done put all this hard work into this for them to come in and say that in the middle of May you’re not going to have a job,” McVay said. 

He’s not sure where he’ll be working after May. 

“I got home and to be honest with you, I started looking online for jobs. As for right now I couldn’t tell you,” said McVay. 

McVay isn’t the only one who has had to adjust his future plans. 

The company’s ribbon cutting happened less than a year ago. According to employees they promised to provide 300 jobs but only hired about 100. Monster Moto will be outsourcing the assembly line jobs to China.

Quality Control Lineman Jon Greenwalt says the action runs counter to what Monster Moto claimed to want to do with its Ruston headquarters: provide equipment that’s ‘Made in America.’

“We had a ribbon cutting ceremony in May and the governor came out and that’s when we put out the big American flag,” Greenwalt said.  

Ruston Economic Development Administrator Kristi Lumpkin says she believes Monster Moto’s intentions were in the right place, but it’s a matter of cost. 

“We’ve remained in close contact with the company throughout this entire process. To be honest no matter how much things they try to change, it’s extremely hard for manufacturers to compete with China,” Lumpkin said. 

There’s no word on an exact end date for employees. 

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