Yolanda Avery, writer, says it all started as a fantasy, “It started as a dream, I would have like crazy dreams and I would tell my husband about them and he would be like what did you eat last night?”

Avery is a mother, wife, and now a screen writer. She says she started having dreams where she could envision characters, the beginning, middle, and end to the story. This is when she began to write it down. “For two to three weeks I stayed up writing a script, I have no knowledge of how to write a script, but I know how to write a story,” Avery said.

What came of what Avery wrote down was Nana’s Secret Recipe. The movie is about grandmothers that were scammed out of their retirement. They then started a bakery where they made treats infused with a special ingredient. The grandmothers then encounter many battles such as cancer, drugs, and other things.

However, it took a while for someone to pick up the movie, Avery had almost given up. “It had been out there for a whole year and the day that I decided to take it off was the day that I got somebody from Austin Texas, his name is Mehul Shah, who asked  to read my script.”

At that moment everything changed for Avery, and she can still barely believe it. “I’m still living in that, I’m just like pinch me, girl do you realize what you have done. People tell me, do you realize what you have done? So it’s just an amazing feeling. I mean just to sit back and think about it just being a dream and now we’re going into theaters.” 

Avery says her passion is to make people smile and shed light on social issues through humor, which is what she did for her movie. She also says she wants to put Monroe on the map. 
“I’m happy because I finally wanted to put my mark and put something positive that Monroe is doing. I wanted to showcase our little town. People need to know that we have talent here too.”

So she says if you have a dream or a talent and you want it, never give up! “Stick with it, I never was in the entertainment industry that was not my forte I didn’t have a clue to think my life would turn in this direction. But when you’re given a gift, you have to acknowledge that gift and just go for it,” said Avery.

Yolanda Avery said she has a lot of stories in the works in addition to her movie hitting screens in 2018.