Monroe & Sterlington councils vote to support state legislation; SEDD hopeful about proposed bill

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On Tuesday night, the Monroe City Council & the Sterlington Town Council voted to support the Southside Economic Development District’s resolution for the introduction of state legislation designating the Ouachita River as a waterway designated for gaming activities.    

Betting against the odds.

The Southside Economic Development District is committed to their latest passion project —- their $115 million riverboat casino. 

So far, they have gained support from the Monroe City Council and the Sterlington Town Council. 

“The city, we have asked them to move forward and give us a resolution in support of the endeavor,” said Theus. 

Two weeks ago SEDD gave a bill to State Representative Marcus Hunter to sponsor. 
But, before it is filed Hunter says a few things need to be done. 
The City of Monroe and the Ouachita Parish Police Jury need to support the plan. 

“Let’s keeps some of those dollars here that is what we are asking the council and police jury to do,” said Theus.  

In the meantime, Theus says several casinos are eyeing Monroe for their next location.

“I have been approached by a couple of casinos but one main casino is very interested and said we were top in the market for moving a casino here,” said Theus. 

However, he says one thing has them skeptical about the move. 

“He was concerns that Monroe did not have the fortitude to vote it in and that has been a concern,” said Theus. 

He continued, “They can’t commit until we show our commitment.”

The Town of Richwood is also expected to vote on the resolution. 

We will keep you updated on the proposed casino bill. 

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