Monroe Police responds to Swanson Correctional Center With Three Different Disturbance Calls.

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In a statement release, Monroe Police department say they responded to three different disturbance calls to Swanson correctional center throughout the day. 

The first phone call was received just before 9:00 am where, officials say four inmates were running loose inside the facility, and a staff member was reportedly struck in the head requiring medical assistance. officials say all inmates were accounted for and escorted back to the appropriate dormitory.

Then, just before 11:30 am, officers say they responded to two more inmates running free inside the gates. officers say one inmate armed himself with a fire extinguisher and another inmate was armed with a stick. Both inmates were returned to the dormitory without further incident.

 The third phone call was made shortly after 2:00 pm where Monroe Police officers were sent back to the site to assist prison guards in apprehending inmates who were running free in the dorms and on the campus.  Police units say once they arrived the situation was contained to one dorm where at least 5 inmates barricaded themselves inside. Officials say the inmates utilized beds and mattresses to block the doors, not allowing guards to enter. 

Officers on the scene say they were able to breach the door and took all 5 inmates in custody without any further incident. They say no injuries were reported and at least one inmate, nineteen-year-old Elijah Bryant, was arrested for criminal damage to property and simple escape.

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