Monroe Police purchases 133 body cameras for officers

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Body cams now strapped to the chest of 133 sworn Monroe police officers.
A two year wait finally over as all these brand new eyes that never blink hit the streets daily.

“Officers are right now utilizing those body cams and they are able to give us feedback on how we can make the experience more beneficial for our community and officers as well,” said Executive Officer Reggie Brown. 

Brown said the cameras were purchased through a $250,000 dollar grant. So far, he said all the feedback has been positive from behind and in front of the badge. 

“When we got ready to remove those body cameras to give back to the actual pilot companies they really did not want to do that because it allowed them to have better interaction with the public,” said Brown. 

Officers are supposed to activate the camera any time they encounter a citizen with a complaint. 
Something the department hopes will bring trust and transparency. 

“The body camera is there as a tool and the benefits of that tool is positive behavior from the law enforcement side and community side,” said Brown. 

He also said supervisors are able to check footage immediately after it is recorded, and that it’s a good rule of thumb to act as if the camera is always rolling.

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