MONROE,LA(KTVE/KARD)–The month of April is Autism awareness month. One local mother says that although her son is autistic, that he is no different than anyone else. 
Jessica Chapell, local parent, “Tyler, my son, gets excited and he flaps his arms, and we know that he is either excited or comfortable, but other people see that, and they stare, and they look and say, “What’s wrong with him?”, nothing he is just excited.” 
Autism is a spectrum disorder that impacts the nervous system. Jessica Chappell’s eight-year-old son Tyler was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. Chappell says that attending therapy impacted her son in a positive way. 
Jessica Chapell, “They do need extra help, they need therapy they need OT, PT, speech, but you love them the same, you treat them the same.” 
According to one in forty-four children in the country are diagnosed with Autism. Occupational Therapist Mary Elise Doss says that her job is to help Autistic children live a life that is fulfilling. 
Mary-Elise Doss,” What we try to do is evaluate these children, figure them out basically and find out how we can help these kids to live a productive life that their parents want for them.” 

Autism awareness month has been celebrated since 1970.