An officer’s job hangs in the balance.

Jared Desadier is a 10 year veteran with the Monroe Police Department and member of the SWAT team, but one big mistake in 2017 caused him to lose his job.

Last February Desadier was going through a training exercise while on the job and cut his hand.

As protocol officers have to get cleared by a doctor, which means a routine drug test.

Desadier tested positive for THC, the main ingredient in marijuana.

He was fired three months later, but three months after that the Monroe Civil Service Board had him reinstated.

But now that’s being called into question, because when it comes to the Monroe Police Department’s policy, you only get one chance.

According to former police chief Quentin Holmes’ testimony in court– the last four officers who failed a drug test were all fired, with no exceptions.

One Monroe resident believes Desadier deserves a second chance, despite understanding why he was fired.

“I really think he needs his job,” said Chelsea Dunn. “I know he needs his job for his family. The other side is we do have to live by standards. They should be held accountable for doing the right thing. I still wish they could’ve had some mercy because they need their jobs even if they could’ve gone to a rehab or something like that. “

The Monroe City Attorney’s office brought an appeal to the 4th district court, but after hearing their arguments the judge opted to toss the final decision back to the Civil Service Board. 

Now that decision has the potential to change police protocol going forward.

Last time the board voted unanimously to re-instate Desadier to duty. 

We’ll keep you updated on what happens this time.