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MONROE, LA (7/12/20)– After 19 years in office, incumbent Mayor Jamie Mayo lost the mayoral race Saturday night to Friday Ellis.

“Potential is the word, opportunity is the word, and I’m looking forward to it,” said Friday Ellis, Monroe Mayor-Elect.

“Well, I tell you what, It’s been a day of reflections. Of course, you think about all the good things that have happened over these 19 years as Mayor but also as a city councilman for 6 years. There has been a lot of positives, but It’s been a good ride and I don’t regret it at all and I’m free,” said Jamie Mayo, Monroe Mayor.

Mayor-Elect, Friday Ellis, who ran as an independent on the ticket, says he is already looking forward to serving the community and bringing change to Monroe.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to get to work, Everybody dreams of what Monroe looks like, right? The things that we wish we could attract here and I’m ready to bring it to life, work with people and work with our city council members,” said Friday Ellis, Monroe Mayor-elect.

While Mayor Mayo will be saying goodbye to City Hall, he plans to spend time with his family, get some rest, and eventually look towards ways to help the community.

“At this point, I don’t plan on running for anything else. We spent 25 years in public service so I think that is a long time, but I do plan to perhaps be involved in some capacity,” said Mayor Mayo.

Mayo promises he will work hard until his very last day and wants to ensure a smooth transition for the Mayor-Elect.

“I’m proud of the race we ran, I’m proud of the people who volunteered, and I’m proud of each and every person that cast votes,” said Ellis.

“The people have spoken and I accept that,” said Mayor Mayo.

Mayor Elect Ellis says he hopes to win those over who didn’t vote for him

“Those who didn’t vote for me, I’m going to earn your vote. Thank you for participating today, because you look at a city and you want people to get out and exercise their civic duty, so I’m just proud,” said Mayor-Elect Ellis.

While Mayor Mayo conceded, voting results showed Friday Ellis with 52 percent of the vote and Mayo in second place with 38 percent. All other contenders, coming in at about 10% of the vote collectively.

Normally, elections would have been done back in April. The new mayor would’ve been sworn into office July 1, but thanks to COVID-19 things are looking a bit different. At this time it is unclear when Mayor-Elect Friday Ellis will officially be sworn in. We are waiting to hear back from the Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin, tomorrow to see when the change will be official.

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