Monroe City Council votes no on outside trash help

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Robert Johnson says to live in Monroe is the only way to truly understand the current trash problem.

“To live here and see trash it would make a difference in picking up the trash, you don’t have to look at it. Us as citizens has to look at what’s going on with us,” he said. 

Many people in Monroe, say their trash hasn’t been getting picked up. So as a quick fix Mayor Jamie Mayo offered to bring in outside help.

However, members of the council and people from the community said no.

“It’s a balancing act, we have to get the trash up but then we have to balance it and try to protect people’s jobs too,” Council member Eddie Clark said.

Public works says the current budget allows for 20 jobs, but right now 12 of those positions are open.

Johnson says the best solution is to hire from the people that know Monroe the’s citizens.

“You got three trucks parked, but yet today you come in and ask the council to bring in another company to get the trash up. Put the bodies on the trucks and get the work done,” said Johnson. 

Mayor Mayo says he’s disappointed with Tuesday’s outcome. He thinks there was a better way to solve the problem. but he says now it’s out of his hands and up to the citizens of Monroe 

“Anyone who has issues with the trash they need to call the council members because they’re the ones who elected not to move forward on tonight,” said Mayor Mayo.

If private contractors are hired to help with the trash problem, Public works assures that no current employees will be laid off.

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