Monroe citizens wait for President Trump’s action plan

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President trump will make a big sales pitch tonight in his first meeting with congress.

The question is who’s buying?

Citizens of Monroe aren’t too sure just yet.

Local attorney, George Britton, is anxious to see what Trump’s substitute plan is for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

“My most concern is about the healthcare situation my health has not been the best,” Britton said.

“He’s talking about repeal and replacement of Obamacare and we understand the repeal but what is he going to replace it with. “

Healthcare will be one of the hottest topics, especially since the president definitive plan, has not been established.

“I have not seen any particulars i was amazed yesterday when he said who knew this healthcare was so complicated i mean everybody knew the healthcare was pretty complicated,” Britton said.

“He promised universal healthcare..well that cost money.”

Another big part of President Trump’s agenda is a multi-billion dollar increase in the military budget. 

Very anxious to know where this money is going as far as what i expect from this i expect absolutely nothing

Fredrick Henry, a Vietnam veteran, is skeptical that trump’s plans will make things better for our nation’s soldiers. 

“I do respect the commander in chief but what has been said and done up to this point i expect nothing for the veterans.”

As far as progress for the country, Britton says even after tonight it’s  way too early to tell.

“I don’t anticipate too much from tonight in terms of me being able to make a decision about what direction we are going in as a nation.”

Whether people are for or against these plans, one thing is for sure, people are waiting.

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