Monroe church takes Sunday service off to serve the community

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“Go Day” is not  your typical Sunday for members of First Monroe Baptist Church.

“It’s not traditional usually show up on Sunday you go to church and you’re preaching and singing,” Pastor James Doughty said.

On this day, instead of inviting people in, they try reaching out.

“Everybody’s excited and ready to go out and work,” volunteer Ashley Davis said.

The are working to make sure they reach as many as they can. 

On “Go Day”  instead having church indoors they bring church to you.

‘It’s kind of two fold purpose we want to  remind ourselves that we’re to go and be the church we don’t just attend church but also we want to bless our community,” Doughty said.

First baptist volunteers didn’t have to go far to make an impact on their community as a matter of fact they started right  across the street at the Downtown River Market.

They started by picking up and taking out the trash in their downtown clean-up.

Close by at St. Francis Hospital, they brought ice cream “sundaes on Sunday” for employees and patients.

“It would make me very proud to see smiles on people’s faces,” volunteer Lauren Clayton said.

“It’s refreshing you’re not serving yourself you’re serving someone else it’s good,” Davis said.

A feeling they are not keeping to themselves.

Anyone in Monroe, member of the church or not, can be a part of “Go Day.” 

Pastor Doughty says it’s sending a  unique message.

“Today just reminds us that we have a beautiful sanctuary but church is bigger than that,” he said.

“It’s us.”

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