Monroe barbershop gives homeless free haircuts ahead of Thanksgiving

Local News

MONROE, La. (11/19/18) – Headz Up barbershop in Pecanland Mall spent the day picking up men, women, and children from shelters across Monroe treating them to free haircuts.  For the city’s homeless population, these luxuries don’t come too often.

“A lot of people ain’t got a chance to get hair cuts don’t have the money to pay for hair cuts but they [were] willing to come and pick us up”, said Sean Embers, a homeless resident.

Headz Up hasn’t even been open a month yet, but they’re already giving back to the community they serve – gifting the Giving men, women, and kids staying at the Salvation Army and Desiard Street Shelter with free cuts just in time for Thanksgiving.

“People that don’t have too much around these times like that i know a haircut will be able to help somebody out and give them a little more ummph about themselves”, said Preston Gayden, manager at Headz Up.

Headz Up employees picked them up and dropped them back off. Shelter resident Sean Embers says these hair cuts mean more than just looking good. These cuts help these folks to uplift themselves despite their rough circumstances.

“It’s building their confidence back up [because] a lot of them got low self esteem”, said Embers.

The holidays can be a time full of joy but for some it can be lonely and Headz Up Barbershop wants those people to know they care and they want to help.

“Knowing that someone in the community that cares for them and want to show a little love and appreciation”, said Gayden.

And for Sean Embers this one hair cut is giving him that confidence to conquer the world.

“I ain’t got my hair cut yet but I’m finna get my hair cut watch out for me”, said Embers. 

Headz Up serviced about 40 men,women and children but they say this is just the beginning. 

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