Mississippi sheriff’s deputy still recovering after being shot in line of duty last Friday night

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(4/15/19) The Marshall County, Mississippi, sheriff said a deputy shot multiple times Friday night in the line of duty is still in the hospital, at the start of what’s expected to a lengthy recovery.

The shooting of Daniel Tatum, a five-year veteran deputy, led to an hours long standoff situation and the wanted shooter eventually taking his own life.

Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson said the deputy had a second surgery Monday morning at Regional One Medical Center in Memphis and will need one other surgery on his left arm.

While that deputy recovers, the sheriff feels fortunate but also frustrated that standoff involving a man he’s known since childhood didn’t end peacefully.

“Had he not had on the vest, (deputy Tatum) would not have made it,” Sheriff Dickerson said.

That’s the relief still felt Monday by Sheriff Dickerson.

“So thankful,” Sheriff Dickerson said. “God was there with him.”

One of Sheriff Dickerson’s deputies — Tatum — recovers at Regional One after being shot several times in the line of duty Friday night in Byhalia, Mississippi.

“He still has a long way to go,” Sheriff Dickerson said.

The sheriff said the situation unfolded when the deputy pulled over 33-year-old Randy Vaught on Mt. Zion Road in Marshall County after he left a suspected drug house.

Dickerson said Vaught drove off to his mother’s home in Byhalia and opened fire on the deputy on the property.

“When the officer pulled the door open, that’s when the shooting started,” Sheriff Dickerson said.

Even though the deputy played dead, Sheriff Dickerson said the shooting continued.

“Several more shots were fired from the suspect into the chest area,” Sheriff Dickerson said.

For hours, Vaught refused to surrender and posted several times on Facebook, sending apologies to his family.

Cameras showed him waving his arms and yelling at authorities. Despite attempts for Vaught to surrender peacefully, he committed suicide.

“I knew then, even though I didn’t let it show, that our chances of negotiating with him would be pretty slim because in my opinion he was obviously under the influence under some kind of drug or alcohol,” Sheriff Dickerson said.

Sheriff Dickerson said Vaught left a suicide note and was out on bond on a statutory rape charge.

The sheriff said that injured deputy will likely be hospitalized for another week.

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