Mississippi kid arrested after brandishing fake weapon in WalMart

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(10/3/18) Clinton Police say a gun that was brandished in front of a customer in WalMart is fake. And the 12 year old who tried to evade a security officer is well known for ‘mischevious misbehavior’ to both the store and local police.

In a press release, police say WalMart has installed Lot Cop live view high def cameras throughout the building and the parking lot. They say the cameras can read ‘a UPC code sitting on a shelf’.

While officers say the juvenile acted alone and was a never a true threat to anyone’s safety, he has been charged with misdemeanor Simple Assault by Physical Menace and transported to the Hinds County Youth Detention Center. Walmart has banned the 12 year old child from their stores.

Officers are asking people to put down their cell phones and be aware of their surroundings both inside stores and when getting in and out of vehicles.

Read the full release below.

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