FRISCO, TX (SILVERSTARNATION) — The Cowboys will be kicking off against a long time rival today the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has been one of the most prolific passers in the 2023 season. And Cowboys analyst Mickey Spagnola had somethings to say about Hurts.

“The Cowboys must put a premium on keeping Hurts in the pocket and putting pressure on him,” Spagnola said. Mickey feels like the first key to winning is controlling Hurts and stopping Hurts and his game.

“The second key is line dancing, the Eagles have the 26th ranked pass defense in the NFL.,” Spagnola said. “The Cowboys offensive line must give Dak Prescott time and a pocket to operate and expose this Eagles weakness.”

The Eagles, who have the best record in the entire NFL at 7-1, which puts even more pressure on the Eagles to win as they try to become the first team to capture back-to-back NFC East titles. The Cowboys really need a game plan and tp ultimately give it all they have on the field today.

“The Cowboys must go into this game with a lot of confidence to be able to beat these Eagles,” Spagnola said.