Medical Marijuana Laws, what is allowed in Louisiana

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Medical marijuana is currently only legal in 29 states and Washington D.C., but what happens when you go from a state where it’s legal to one where it isn’t?

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry says it is still illegal, “If you have a prescription in California, it may be good inside the state of California but if you take that substance and transport it just to Nevada, you’re breaking federal law and you’re subject to be charged federally.”

However, back in 2014 a provision to the Controlled Substance Act of 1971 prohibits the Department of Justice from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states where it is legalized. 

What does that mean for marijuana based companies, Dick Boyce of Kannaway Cannabis Oil says the Louisiana state law doesn’t affect his hemp oil business because his product is regulated by the food and drug administration. “The only thing that keeps us out from under the DEA. The only thing that keeps us out from under the DEA is that our product is grown and processed in the European Union and imported into the United States that is the only thing that makes this legal.”

Attorney General says the marijuana conversation can be mitigated if the issue is addressed federally. “It would be much easier and cleaner if Congress addressed the law itself. And if of course they leave the law in place, then I think states should then understand the consequences that would follow,” says Landry.

The provision to the Controlled Substance Act is said to expire soon.

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