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Mayor of Tallulah says the city is still in debt but progress is being made

TALLULAH, La. - Only a little more than a month after taking over, Interim Mayor Gloria Hayden indicated that the problems Tallulah has been facing are still there. 

However with her team, they have been making significant progress toward change. 

Tallulah is still more than $600,000 in debt, but Hayden confirmed that there have been no layoffs.

"We had people to leave so we bring people in to replace them and a lot of people that are working are being paid by me." That money she is using from her first three months of her salary as mayor.

The biggest problem remains, the city's water. Right now the water clarifier is not working as efficiently as possible, but with some new parts officials point out that it'll help bring better water to Tallulah.

"It would improve water quality, we would use less chemicals, we can apply that man power somewhere else," said Water Treatment Supervisor Micheal Goods. 

Some believe the solution is to sell the water plant but Mayor Hayden lets it be known that is not an option. 

"We can't afford to sell it because if we sold it, we wouldn't have no source of income for the city," she said.

The parts for the water clarifier are expected to come in January.

Hayden and Treatment Supervisor Goods ask that citizens be patient.

"We're making every effort possible to provide clean, safe, aesthetically pleasing water," said Goods. 

Tallulah still has the grant of $550,000 that can only be spent on a new water plant.

Right now the mayor indicated that the goal is to fix the current plant and focus on bringing new businesses to bring revenue into Tallulah.


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