Man hospitalized after stealing sword

Local News

It happened Monday night on Louisville Avenue. One of the owners at the Car King, tells us what he remembers.

“He ran into the store next door and pulled out a sword or something that they had on display and it went crazy from there.”

The Lucky 7 Tattoo parlor sits next door, where the owner there says a man took a decorative item after seeming a bit off.

“A couple customers here noticed he was breathing a little heavy then started taking big, deep breaths. At that point, he ran beside one of our coke machines where he grabbed one of our decour swords.”

The family of the man says that drugs played a part in the situation The mother says she’s heart broken.

“It’s very painful to see your child go in that direction.”

“The person that was seen with those issues at that time, is a good person.”

She says this issue shouldn’t define who were son is. She says he is an upbeat person both inside and out. She mentions that if anyone is thinking of using drugs to relax or forget their issues, it can lead to a serious situation for self and for family.

“I pray that nobody has to deal with this and go through that.”

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