Soot and ash are all Deane Quarles have left of his dear friend Richard Milner’s home.

They had a forty year friendship that was filled with tons of memories.

“There was a group of us that started having Thursday night meetings at my house,” said Quarles. “Thursday night meetings meant we ate a lot of food.”

The building was well known in the Camden community.

Over the years, it was once a mortuary and later a doctor’s office.

Once Milner purchased it, it was his home, making it known for its beautiful decor.

After his passing, Richard left the house to Deane and two other companions.

He requested they have an estate sale and then sell the home itself.

“We were trying to carry out all of his wishes just like he asked us.”

Before they could get that far, the house went up in flames.

Police say a week ago, around six in the morning, they responded to Williams Street to the report of gunshots.

William Milner was arrested and charged.

This is a copy of a press release we obtained from Camden Police with a list of William Milner’s charges: 

At the very same time, there was a suspicious house fire at 120 Van Buren in Camden, the home of Richard Milner.

To their surprise, Richard Milner was William’s uncle, and they say William was responsible.

“A lot of emotions went through. First of all, anger, you know, suspicion about what might have happened. As time went along, we kept looking at it. We kept thinking about the items that were inside. Richard had a lot of things from around the world.

Now, all those keepsakes of his long adventure filled life are lost within the rubble.

“It’s been such a staple here in Camden, no matter what it was used for, it was a part of us, and it’s gone now. It’s a shame the way it was destroyed.

Although the home may be gone his friends say Richard’s eccentric personality will forever live in their hearts.